"My Heart is Tao, My Body is Kris "
-- 牛桃

kris, please control yourself

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LOL kris looking all swag and shit then you look down and he is barefoot —Anonymous

IKR!! haha..

although.. he is not as swag as he was in airport fashion with exo tho

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I've been busy with school so I don't know about anything! Where's the behind the scene footage of sowk (like the footage of bitchface fanfan playing cello?) thanks 😍 —Anonymous

it was from the director’s of SOWK meipai update :)

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#140916 TAO - Zhang Liyin (Not Alone) MV Teaser

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Huang Zitao by carina蜜蜜0w0

221 P - 48 MB


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one and only bitch-face cellist

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cold city guy possessed by dumbzhang

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